13 Items That Are Commonly Missed on Your Registry!

13 Items That Are Commonly Missed on Your Registry!

Making a registry for your little one can be the most exciting yet stressful thing to do, especially as new parents. You will continue to ask yourselves, "do we need this" or "should we add this just in case." I am going to list 13 items that we missed during our first year.

Most of these items are pretty darn cheap which is awesome! The few expensive items you'll see are not always needed for every parent (formula maker, buggy bench, and nursing pads for example). The bigger items you'll add to your list (a car seat, stroller, crib, baby swing, jumper, etc.) are the items you want to highlight because these are the most expensive. 

I have linked each one to Amazon to make it easy to add to your registry (that is if you're going to use Amazon - plus they will send you a cute gift box)
    1. A snot sucker bulb syringe - I used these all the time because it is really hard to get the boogers out of your babies nose. You can hear them sniffling so you'll know when to use this. They won't necessarily like it because it's uncomfortable for them. I've used 3 already so this pack is perfect. 

    2. Diaper pail and bags - You will definitely want to contain those dirty diapers because it is not worth throwing them out in your own garbage and stinking up the kitchen. The bags I use are lavender scent and we can barely smell the diapers. 


    3. A swaddle-up outfit - I wish I had this sooner for our first son because it will help your baby sleep longer. They are able to keep their hands moving freely which is more comfortable for them. 

    4. A buggy bench - This is perfect if you're having twins or have kids close in age. Using this in the stores to go shopping makes it so much easier. 

    5. A dishwasher basket for bottles/nipples - I can't tell you how many bottles I have melted (like the one time I thought my apartment was on fire in the middle of the night, lol)

    6. The Haakaa breast pump - This pump is very cheap and the material is silicon. I did not have this for my first baby so I cannot wait to use it this time around. 

    7. A ring-sling carrier - I have a regular carrier, but I wish I would have gotten this type of sling. They are super comfortable for you and your baby and not as bulky as some of the other carriers. 

    8. A bath pad - This pad will protect your knees when you're bending over trying to wash your baby in the bathtub. This is definitely convenient to have and look how cute it is!

    9. The Baby Brezza for formula fed babies - WOW, I wish I had this for my first son as he was a formula baby. This is basically a 2-in-1 Keurig where you add the formula powder on top and it will warm the water for you. 

    10. A crib teether pad - This is literally amazing so your child does not eat the paint away on the crib like my boy did. They will teeth on the crib and this is something we never even thought of. 

    11. A diaper caddy organizer - This will for sure come in handy so you don't have to waste drawer space with diapers and wipes. Just hang this off the side of the dresser.

    12. Nursing pads - Yes, it is common for your nipples to be leaking all the time so carry these around with you everywhere. 

    13. Outlet covers - Yes, your baby will stick their fingers into outlets without you noticing sometimes. This will protect your baby from possibly getting electrocuted. 

    These items will definitely come in handy, so don't make the same mistake we did in our first year! Again, most of these items are small and cheap so if you don't receive them from your friends and family then you can easily make the purchase. The best thing to do with a registry is to have a budget in mind, just in case you don't receive all of your items (this is expected as most people will send diapers and wipes).

    Also, there are so many strollers and car seats out there that cost thousands and what you're really paying for is the style. To be honest, we have been pleased with all of the Graco products. This includes our car seats and carrier, base for the car seats, and the strollers! With that being said, sometimes the less expensive items are higher in quality and can last longer. Don't forget, if you're really on a tight budget, you can go on Facebook Marketplace and search your area for these bigger items. A lot of these bigger items you can find were only used for a year or less and in perfect condition. 



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