Do "Body Types" Matter During Pregnancy?

Do "Body Types" Matter During Pregnancy?

If you're reading the title of this blog and have no clue what I am talking about... DON'T worry - I am here to explain this too!!

Let's start with the 3 "Body Types" - 

    1. Ectomorph - This body type appears to look tall & skinny, have a small frame, lean muscle mass and therefore lower body fat %, flat chest/thin shoulders, fast metabolism, loses fat easily; however, can gain weight slower than others. Due to having such a fast metabolism, Ectos require a huge number of calories in order to gain weight. Workouts should be short with intense bouts focusing on bigger muscle groups, all of which you will see in Month 1 of my "Body-Types Program." Ectos should eat before going to bed to prevent metabolic catabolism (muscle breakdown) during the night. (Generally this person would wake up in starvation mode).
    2. Mesomorph - This body type appears to have naturally defined muscles, is stronger than others, athletic looking in shape, can gain muscle easily, can gain fat easier than Ectos, and have broader shoulders. Mesos typically respond best to weight training (machines, light dumbbells/kettlebells) and cardio (sprinting) on the side. For beginners, muscle gains can be seen quicker than others. It is also best to watch your caloric intake since gaining fat is easier. 
    3. Endomorph - This body type appears to be short & stocky, have larger shoulders, thicker arms and legs, a softer/rounded body, a slow metabolism, can gain muscle weight easier than both an Ecto and Meso, and gains fat quicker than others. Endos are found to be naturally stronger in leg exercises, like the squat. When it comes to training, workouts should be focused on heavy cardio (steady state) after every workout and weight lifting on the side. Most important for an Endo, is to have higher amounts of protein and fat in their diet.

You know that saying "You are what you eat" ? Well, it can go both ways as "You eat what you are too"! What you eat can vary from person to person so yet again, body types are also individualized. Not everyone is going to benefit from eating their body type but it is something to keep in the back of your head if NOTHING ELSE is working. 


Don't forget. Your body is BEAUTIFUL Mama!

NOW..... Let's talk about the 3 body types & pregnancy.

If you have been eating like your body type pre-pregnancy, then don't stop during pregnancy or post-pregnancy. Just because you're growing a human does not mean you stop your daily/weekly routines. If you have not been eating like your body-type, there's no harm in starting! I have been eating like my body type for years and it's the one thing that has worked to keep my weight under control. I also eat to FUEL my body, not to satisfy my cravings. But, I am human so I like to eat what I want sometimes. (Like Annie's cinnamon rolls).

I fall between the Ecto-Meso body type which means I possess both qualities. When you are growing this little bean, you're going to be hungry (more in the beginning and sometimes less towards the end). It's best to eat small meals throughout the day, especially if you're sick in the 1st trimester. I would say that eating between an Ecto-Meso will keep your energy levels high and will allow proper weight gain during your pregnancy. This means that you want to try and keep protein in every meal, eat high calorie dense foods (dried fruits, meat, fish, and other proteins), eat between 6-8 meals a day, have carbs because they are important (veggies, fruit, whole grains, quinoa, brown rice, and oatmeal), and include some healthy fats as well (nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut and olive oil). 

Below are some links from reputable sources and both talk a lot more in detail about body types (most in general and not pregnancy related): 


*I own a certification in this topic through PTA-Global*
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