The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimester

New parent recommendations... but first... did you know about the "Fourth Trimester"?
Follow along for your Postpartum Checklist:

Congratulations mama (and let's not forget about daddy too), you've both made it an entire nine months of waiting your babies grand entrance. Nine long months of pregnancy, labor, and delivery and he/she is finally in your arms. Now that all of you are home, it's time to make a big adjustment. It’s time for you all to figure out a schedule and this may take you 1-3 months. You might not get the best amount of sleep or even hit rem for the first 2 weeks BUT it’s all worth it.

There are many ways to making your new life at home easier and you can do this by having the right essentials. You first need to recognize what the “FOURTH TRIMESTER" is - yes this is a real thing. It is important to recreate the womb for your baby and treat them like a fetus for the first 3 months at home. The easiest way to do this is to love, comfort, and hold your baby the way you feel is best. Life in the womb for a baby can be quite noisy, warm, jiggly; not pitch black all the time, and confined space for them. You don’t have to keep the lights dim all the time. You don’t have try and be quiet either. 

Here are a few ways you can help your baby adjust: 

  • Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle (even during the day)
  • Play music or have the TV on in the background (use a shusher machine if needed)
  • Use a small night light (your baby might love it)
  • Use a baby carrier or hold your baby as much as possible (be a snuggler, plus you will love this too) 
It can be hard for your baby to adjust to a bassinet because it feels very different for them. You can swaddle your baby before putting them to sleep or hold them in your arms and rock them to sleep. 

Adjusting to parenthood for the first time isn't easy, especially when you factor in the whole "no sleep" aspect and having a tiny little human be dependent on you. It can be very overwhelming for the both of you, at least until you reach the point of having a regular schedule. Below, I’ve created a list that can help you within the first few months. They aren’t a necessity, they are just a friendly recommendation from one parent to the next. 

Here are your recommendations and each are linked to Amazon (I am a firm believer in supporting small businesses so if you come across any items that you can get from a small business, please support them. It is just easier for me to link to one place) - 

  1. Baby wrap carrier - This will make things easier for when you're moving around the house doing your daily chores or if you work from home like me.

  2. Baby swing - I love the puppy swing! My oldest (16 months) just stopped using it so he does not break it and now he takes naps in his crib but he loved his swing. Now, his baby brother gets to use it. 

  3. Breastfeeding kit - I didn't have a kit for my first pregnancy and this helps a lot because some kits come with the pads and cream. 

  4. Breast pump - I currently use the Medela hand pump and I get to borrow the electric pump through my insurance for free. I also have the Hakka which I just throw over the boob after a feeding or during the let down.

  5. Milk bags - I love these! My friend got them for me (the 100 count) but I feel like any mom should be okay with 50 bags. 

  6. Water bottle or jug - Nothing is more important than drinking water when breastfeeding since your milk is mostly water, so make sure to hydrate yourself. You can even use the hospital bottle they give you like I did for a few weeks. 

  7. Blanket swaddles - These are the easiest to make a swaddle with. They are a light cotton material and very comfortable for the baby.

  8. White sound machine - We had one come with our pack n play bassinet holder so we did not have to purchase one. I have heard great things about this though!

  9. Nipple cream - This is my favorite company for mom products. I also used the belly lotion and oil to prevent stretch marks. The nipple cream is safe for baby when breastfeeding so that was important to me. I also learned that you can use your own breast milk to soothe nipple pain.
  10. Reusable nipple pads - These pads are a life savor and more cost effective. I used regular nipple pads my first pregnancy and went through several boxes. With these you just throw into the washer/dryer and it comes with a washable baggy.

  11. Nursing pillow - I have a boppy just like this and I would recommend getting a washable cover to put over it. This makes breastfeeding more comfortable for your arms. 

  12. Burp cloths - Any type of burp cloths will work so this is just a reminder to use one when burping the baby just in case they spit up all over you.

  13. Aloe spray - WOW... this totally helped me heal from a vaginal delivery. You just spray it around your vaginal area and where your stitches are (if you ripped) and let it dry. I used a blow dryer to dry the area. Or you can soak up a pad in this and freeze them to wear overnight or throughout the day.

  14. A pacifier - Both our boys loved the MAM pacifiers for some reason. I am assuming they mock the nipple a bit better but I really don’t know.

  15. A meal plan service - I highly recommend this for the first month since it will be time consuming to cook. My favorite is Fresh meal plan or Fitlife foods if you have one in your area. Or just look up a delivery service that is near you. 
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