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Auto-Immune Disease And Supplementation Guide

Auto-Immune Disease And Supplementation Guide

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This PDF you're about to endure is from a holistic and homeopathic approach! How to rid inflammatory disease from your body through supplementation by herbs and minerals God has given us.  

I cured my Ulcerative Colitis which is in the family of IBS (Irritable Bowel Disease). I suffered severely for 10 years. I cured my disease in 3. The long duration was simply due to the fact that I did not want to put my body into more stress. I was so inflamed that I had to work slow through this natural process. The process worked. 


No flares.

No bleeding.

No medications.

No Dr. visits.

No ER visits.

No abdominal pain and leaky bowels.

No more anemia and losing weight.


Crazy how I can go from bleeding out of my rectum for 10 years to no bleeding at all. From mucous stools to normal stools. And just being sick all the time to not at all accept for the common cold.

I wanted to share my expertise around supplements and research over the past 5 years on natural remedies for auto-immune disease and common heart disease. My degree gives me the ability to help treat disease (Exercise Science & Health Promotion) via exercise and nutrition. This includes diet and supplementation. 

Whatever inflammation you are experiencing, it is on YOU to change it. It is your diet, what you are putting in and on your body, what cleaning supplies you have in your home, the beauty products you use on your face and skin, and even the water supply you drink. So many internal and environmental factors go into play here.  

This PDF will give you a 5-step process to start on before you add in supplements! These 5 steps must be taken seriously if you want to heal. Thank you so much for reading and simply email me - or DM me on insta - @correctivewithash

Much love to you all!

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