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Booty Cheeks Sugar Scrub

Booty Cheeks Sugar Scrub

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Do you work out your booty a LOT? Do you wear bikinis a LOT? Do you have unwanted cellulite?

Well, I have the perfect combo ingredient sugar scrub for your booty AND you can use it on any other body part. I love using it on my hands too, for a soft feel since my hands are constantly dry. This sugar scrub will give you a nice glow and you can see the result super quick.

How to use: Use your spatula and scoop up a quarter's worth and slap it on your booty. Use an exfoliator tool OR your hand to rub it on. Massage on your booty for about 2-3 minutes each side. Wipe off with water! You can do this in the shower or outside of the shower. I recommend using this at least 1x per week or 3x per month.

Ingredients: ALL ORGANIC
- Coconut Sugar: has the largest sugar granules and does the best job exfoliating. This sugar is also least processed. Because this sugar is most abrasive, you want to use this scrub only 1x per week.
- Honey - protects your skin from marks and acne.
- Lemon Essential Oil - rich in vitamin C and citric acid. Will brighten your skin.
- Coconut Oil - for hydration of the skin.
- Vitamin E Oil - for hydration of the skin.


Size: 4oz = 1/2 cup = 8 tablespoons
Spatula: 2.5 inches long
Amount: PACKED jar
Quality: BPA-FREE and safe

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