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Heal Your Gut 101 Consultation Call + Fix Diet Captivity

Heal Your Gut 101 Consultation Call + Fix Diet Captivity

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Are you bloated all the time?


Having diarrhea more than full stools?

Do you suffer from UC or IBS?

Do you suffer from any other medical condition or disease?

Have a hard time digesting meat & dairy?

Have you been told you’re lactose intolerant?

Let’s dive into a few things!!!

I’ll help you get rid of your UC/IBS. 

I’ll teach you how to heal your gut. 

I’ll tell you everything you need to KNOW and DO.

I’ll give you tips on how to rid your medication. 

I’ll help you add a few things into your diet.

I’ll give you swap options to better your health. 

I’ll tell you the things that my Dr. didn’t want me to know!

Invest in your health. Book a call with me today!

You’ll receive a link via email to book the call via Calendly. You will have an option of audio call or FaceTime for a more personal touch! I do prefer FaceTime but no pressure! The call will state 15 minutes however this call will be 45 minutes, I just use this call link from my Trainiac Partner Company!

During the call, you will receive a google doc on all the info we will be going over. You will also receive the "Ingredients to Avoid PDF" that you can keep forever.

BONUS - I will give you personalized macros and calorie intake based on your life style and activeness. We will track your meals via MyFitnessPal which is the option integrated within my app. (You will receive an invite, don't worry). If you are interested in Nutrition training during our call, you will be able to receive a discounted 3-month program for $250! That equates to $83 per month!

I am excited to chat with you!

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