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Macro Chart Breakdown - Example Meal Plan Photos + Ingredients Guide

Macro Chart Breakdown - Example Meal Plan Photos + Ingredients Guide

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How to make every meal an easy meal by following my personal macro chart! These are all high-protein meals. Macro breakdown in grams are not included, but when you follow this chart-based macro plan, you won't need to worry about the caloric intake. When you eat good, the calories don't matter. The ingredients is what matters the most because it alters calories. A lot of ingredients allow food to be LOWER in calories while they disrupt your system. In a measurement system, a calorie is a calorie YES but when it comes to our food...the ingredients alter caloric intake. Just because the macros LOOK good, doesn't mean the food is good for you! It is that simple. 

The macro chart is given on the last page. Use this as your grocery check-list. Create meals based on this chart and prioritize the protein and fats for every single meal. Carbs make about 10-15% of your meal. Do not allow the current food pyramid to divert the reality on this!


This is a 14-page PDF that includes a few meal prep ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

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